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    Clawing their way past several hundred hopefuls, a select group made it up the gangway to the Ark that is Issue Two.
    An appreciative Editor can offer only an olive twig to those left behind as he floats off with the survivors.
    Join him on board as:    

    DA Prince watches Christopher Robin go from goodie to hoodie. 

    George Simmers hymns the “undulant container” that is skin.     

    Frances Thompson recovers her composure over devilled kidneys.     

    Ann Drysdale manages to upset booksellers but still keep her work on prominent display.     

    Alanna Blake liberates the classic sonnet.     

    Hoping for Paris, Helen Whittaker finds love by the Macclesfield Canal.     

    Bill Greenwell populates the Scottish Highlands with exotic species.     

    Andy Proudfoot  apologises again.     

    Like all poets David Anthony recognises really good writing when he sees it.     

    Bob Newman persuaded the Editor that mathematical theory allows for the villanelle
    to be stretched to 151 lines.  (His claim that there was also literary support for this
    was rather less convincing.)  But here it is, anyway.  A tour de force, the serialisation rights are still available.
    John Whitworth deals with a hangover.     

    Emrys Westacott has our sympathy.     

    Tony Cloke goes back to his forebears via the rolling English road.     

    Hilary Sheers sees some sights.  (Sounds like Ibiza to me).     

    Joan Butler watches the language.     

    Diana Brodie has heard too much of it.     

    Helena Nelson advises poets who hope to publish what they have used of it.