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The Geography teacher says
That love does not make the world go round -
It makes it go pear-shaped.
The Maths teacher knows
That if you multiply your tears by your sighs
You get infinite heartache.

The Art teacher is mixing a thousand shades of blue
And endlessly drawing on the past.
The English teacher tries to close the saddest chapter of her life,
And the caretaker has locked the door to his heart for ever.

The Science teacher has disproved the law of attraction,
The PE teacher is blowing kisses on his whistle,
And the Music teacher is bringing on the violins.

The History teacher chalks the dates of failed conquests on the board,
But no-one here learns the lessons of history, not even the Head.
Here she comes, doing cartwheels down the corridor,
Head over heels, head over heels, head over heels
In love again.

At ten thirty, when the bell rings for break,
The classroom doors burst open and emotions run wild.
Hearts are kicked, like footballs, over the playground wall.
They are never returned.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen,
The dinner ladies are making eyes at the potatoes,
But the potatoes ignore this - they know how it’s all going to end.