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How high, if they try, can Bald Eagles fly?
Do they hide in the clouds, because they are shy?
If they kept going up, would they run out of sky?
I’ll go and ask Daddy, he’ll have a reply.

Where in the world could I find Timbuktu?
Is it just round the corner from deepest Peru?
How long would it take if I went by canoe?
I won’t bother Mummy, she hasn’t a clue.

How fast can those vast, frozen glaciers flow?
When they get to the bottom, where do they go?
If you grated them up would that turn them to snow?
If I go and ask Daddy, he’s certain to know.

I must have an ice cream, I’m ever so hot.
There’s a pain in my leg and it might be a clot!
But Daddy said, “No” and “Never” and “Not”.
I’ll go and ask Mummy, she loves me a lot!