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I'm not your average Dalek,
You know the sort I mean,
All bent on domination
And venting all that spleen.
I like to think I'm different
From other Daleks who
Keep their emotions hidden
While exterminating you.
I don't agree with killing,
With plans to subjugate.
The Universe is lovely
And I find it hard to hate.
In fact, I've got my own plan;
I'm working from within!
I'm teaching other Daleks
How to knit and sew and spin.
I run a secret workshop
Where Daleks can relax
And find their inner Dalek;
Get the monkey off their backs.
We try to be creative;
To make things, not destroy.
I run a Dalek choir
Learning Ludwig's 'Ode To Joy'.
So if you see a Dalek
In a poncho bright and gay,
Don't run off in a panic,
Come and pass the time of day.