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Life was hard in Bourbon France
Peasants didn’t have a chance.

The royal court would gormandize
And nobles tax and tyrannize.

But meanwhile back in Angleterre
Things were slightly less unfair.

No Terrorists, no Defarge knittin’,
No Bourbon here, it’s Scotch in Britain.

Our tale unfolds in troubled times −
The best of rhymes, the worst of rhymes.

Doctor Manette was put away.
Have a nice, they said, Bastille Day.

Daughter Lucie lives in London
Trying hard not to come undone.

Returns to France with Charles Darnay.
Who shouldn’t have set foot on quai

Since to ex-nobles, King or Queen,
The answer is the guillotine.

Wait! here’s our saviour, first name Sydney.
Well, he wanted to be a hero, didn’e?

Takes Charles’ place, the plot gets juicy.
Pourquoi? you ask. “Moi, I love Lucie.”

But shed no tears, S. Carton shines,
And has the world’s best closing lines.