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Elementary School

Satin dress, dress tie, tie straight, straight there, they're off!
Off key, keyed up, upchuck, chucked out, out loud, loud mouth.
Mouths open, open hearts, heart-felt, felt high, high five!

Middle School

Short black skirt, rumpled shirt
Boys front rows, girls show toes
Cellphones off, cough, cough, cough
Beginning’s tough, edges rough
Toughness grows, music flows
Harmony now, these kids wow!

High School

It's my bad, Mom, but really I must quit,
with Physics, Math and Sports, Choir just won’t fit.
To fill my car with gas I work the store,
my singing days are gone forever more.
“Goodbye to that?” cries Mom, “So sad, I feel,
yet now, with time, I hope my ears will heal .”