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Cover: Photo (c) Joan Butler. Swallow nestlings.

Our June 2016 issue opens in another of those rather over-frequent interesting times, the air rancid with political rhetoric, as on the 23rd and 26th more puzzles are to be posed for the pollsters in both the UK and Spain. Nevertheless, or perhaps as an antidote, LUPO 34 lets its own brand of midsummer madness loose, with lemurs, lemmings, llamas, lovers, and last thoughts, as well as things wise, wonderful, weird, borrowed or blue.

Short measures are spread between two Intervals, courtesy of Mesdames and Messieurs Brendan Beary, Susanna Clayson, Edmund Conti, Susan de Sola, Tim Forsythe, Susan McLean, L.A. Mereoie, James B. Nicola, Alan Nordstrom, Ed Shacklee and Toby Speed.

Last but not least, Brian Allgar, Joan Butler, Susanna Clayson, Daniel Galef, Douglas Hall, Martin John, Geoff Lander, Emma Mascarenhas, L. A. Mereoie, D. A. Prince, and Peggy Verrall, but not Old Uncle Tom Cobley, sport their rosettes in the winner’s enclosure of Competition 33.

Landing in Lupoland for the first time are Shirley Bunyan, Margaret Fieland, Tim Forsythe, Nancy Bailey Miller, James. B. Nicola, Alan Nordstrom, Tony Peyser, Kenneth Salzmann, J.D. Smith and Frank Wood. Welcome one and all, new, old, or returning after absences. May we all meet again in September, preferably not in a country cut adrift from its moorings or floating, Laputa-like, in limbo.

Meanwhile, thanks are due to Joan Butler for her wonderful nestlings on the cover and also to our record-breaking gracious sovereign lady for having her (official) birthday on the 11th of June, giving us a second chance to join Susan Jarvis in raising a glass or two.