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Penny Palmer-Cursive passed this week at 113.
A descendant of the renowned Cursive clan, and
robust until 1983, her decline since has been steady.

In childhood a beauty, she stopped hearts
with elegant E's, consorted with decorative ZZZ's,
but ultimately was replaced by Cap Block Printing.

Famous for her professional career
copying documents, best works include
The Bill of Rights, The Constitution.

Preceded in death by her husband Dr. Slide W. Rule,
She leaves her current companion, Long Division, who also is not well.
Ms. Cursive is survived by a grandson R.U. Texting

and her estranged and touchy son, Bill Typing.
Her grandchild Wendy Word-Processing
drowned a year ago keyboarding south of Sausalito.

Cursive also leaves a Russian uncle, Cyrillic.
Her stepsister, Calligraphy, suffering
delusions, is now in State Hospital.

A celebration of Penny's life will be held
at the Library of Congress, with calling hours.
In lieu of flowers, her family asks

remembrances be placed on Instagram or
At the request of her kin, please

omit handwritten notes.