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Ink sketch of oriental girl with basket

  See Butterfly
  Go flutter by
  Her manner is shibui
  Her vigil night
  A symphonic delight
  And made your eyes all dewy.

  Her melody
  Un Bella Di
  (Or is it "Bel?" Whatever.)
  I'm ill at ease
  In Japanese
  (Italian? How clever!)

  But soon she slept
  As we were swept
  Away by all the passion
  Her ship came in
  Oh no, you nin-
  compoop! Not in that fashion.

  Lieutenant Pink-
  erton, the fink,
  Has come, but brought a bride
  O Cho-Cho-san
  You can't go on
  Not when there's suicide.

  Oh, East is East
  And West is West
  And when the twain do meet
  It's the kind of stuff,
  O opera buff,
  To keep you in your seat.