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Cover: Photo (c) J.G. Betts,. Circle of crocuses Exeter Devon.

While all around is in fearsome flux, LUPO 37, the first issue of 2017, carries on regardless, its main section entirely lacking leather-trousered ladies or transatlantic tweetomanes. Instead, beyond the digital turnstile lie antelopes, bouncing babies, bears, builders, cats, cave-artists, cigarettes, crematoria, deviant dancers, dipoles, maypoles, men (drunk, naked, spare, weather or weight-watching), snakes, tortoises and much else.

Exhibiting their wares in the Intervals are to be found Maírtín Mac Aodha, Damian Balassone, Rick Blum, Barbara Lydecker Crane, Pat D’Amico, Peter Fereday, Daniel Galef, David Galef,  L.A. Mereoie, James B. Nicola, Ed Shacklee, Jean Syed and Liza McAlister Williams.

The select band of Competition 36 winners, wreathed in seasonal flora or avoiding it, comprises Brian Allgar, Sally Cook, C.R. Edenhill, Katie Mallett, L.A. Mereoie, D.A. Prince, Mae Scanlan and Michael Swan.

Newcomers under the canvas of the Big Tent include Maírtín Mac Aodha, Stewart Bartlam, Stuart Blair, Rick Blum, Marilyn Davis, Bob Eccleston, Peter Fereday, S. M. Kozubek, Bruce McGuffin, Jean Syed, and Seth Thomas.

A warm welcome to them and returning regulars, both readers and contributors, and especially that Mercedes of the metrical world Martin Parker, roaring back into action after a spell in dock being re-valved.

Celandines in bloom