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Although my ancient laptop’s fine
    I find that I forget
my password when I shop online.
    It must then be reset.
I don’t give it much thought, at first,
    and type a word like ‘drinks’.
(A surfing spell works up a thirst,
   I need a glass that clinks.)

Must have eight characters or more
    now reads the screen instruction.
Why didn’t they put this before
    back in the introduction?
So, feeling this is not my day,
    I type ‘strong drinks’. . . Hard cheese!
One character, the pixels say,
    must be numeric please.

Oh, grrrr! I type ‘4 bloody strong drinks’ . . .
    One letter upper case
The tireless on-screen message blinks,
    Do not include a space.
‘4BloodyStrong DrinksIwillthrow
Repeat. Confirm. Then you can go
    And click the box marked ‘Till’.

Your safety is the constant care
    of all at Bargain Pine.
‘YouNeed 2ShoveYourResetWhere
By now my boiling point is near,
    And self-control’s forsaken
When on the screen these words appear:
    That password has been taken.