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When an audience pays a mint for your to cheer them
And deliver stuff that’s relevant and new,
Then your future’s in their hands. You hate and fear them
But daren’t show it in a single thing you do.

When your gags are touted round the world on Twitter,
All your best lines, only half-way through your run;
What’s left but being all screwed up and bitter?
A comedian’s lot is not a happy one.

When the MPs are a constant farce, what’s stand up
Going to find to say that tops their wilder claims?
Their electioneering won’t give you a hand up:
You can’t trump their manifesto-madness games.

All you’ve got has been re-cycled and repeated.
Now it’s News at Ten where people go for fun.
When reality is funnier, you’re deleted.
A comedian’s lot is not a happy one.

Carved grinning face