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Kim Bridgford: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
Red carpet tripping
For statues and crowns.

We like to laugh at
But let’s see a man
Wear one of those gowns.


Tim Forsythe: Sister Act

Little Willie fed his sister
To the turbo gravel grinder.
They looked today and will tomorrow.
My bet is that they'll never find her.


L. A. Mereoie: Fireproof

C .E. Lebrity said, “I confess
That I did put my hand up her skirt.
I blame women! How some of them dress!”
C. E. Lebrity said, “I confess
To a record which means a bad press −
All those headlines tomorrow! − won’t hurt:
C. E. Lebrity said, "I confess
That I did put my hand up her skirt.'”


Tracy Davidson: Wedding Vow Haiku

I promise to love
and will gladly honour you.
But obey? No way!


Kim Bridgford: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
Breaks the glass ceiling
In multiple ways.

Some wouldn’t stand for
The fight patriarchal;
Others find hope
In the pantsuit that slays.


Tim Forsythe: Practical Maths

Willie hated long division.
His parents chided him, "Boo Hoo".
Late one night while they were sleeping
He divided them in two.


Lynn Levin: Two Riddles

It’s a film through which your secrets break
like restless imps from a frozen lake
and act their worst until you wake.


We will stop, but you’ll go far.
Fickleness itself you are –
in love with change yet constant as a star.


R. G. Jodah: Early Limerick (circa AD 812 -1194)

Just a wee village, ducking and diving.
Vikings raiding, then staying. Town's thriving.
Sure we had peace at last
and a century passed . . . .
Ah, feck! Cousin Norman's arriving.

King John's Castle Limerick Ireland