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Silhouette of man jumping against blue and pink background

WE . . .

The Editors of the Kookamunga Review
loved your poem. But after reading it, again
and again (loving it more each time) we’ve
decided that it’s not quite right for us—that
it doesn’t fit Kookamunga’s current NEEDS.

We ALL want to express deep sorrow at not
being able to publish a poem we truly love.
But if you’ve read our zine you surely know
we prefer poems that range from dreadful to
second rate. Please send us a poem we can



Panel fro bookmark back with Dikens txt


Loves to gamble. Prays that your Term Life
policy will expire the night before you die.
But roots for you to live to 100—or at least
until your Whole Life payments exceed what
must be shelled out to grieving progeny by—

Insurance. Gamblers win via systems based
on Research & Statistics. Insurance relies on
a pair of royal cards it fondly calls “Actuarial
Reality.” Commonly known as The Hanged
or Drowned Man. Or by its Scientific name: