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To deal with birds is easy when
You want to write about a wren.
Nor does it overtax your wit
If what concerns you is a tit,
But I have found from time to time
There’s those it’s hard to laud in rhyme.

Sometimes you chance upon a bird
Whose name you’ve hitherto not heard
So, curious, you take a look
And try to find it in a book.
It’s usually a simple game
To spot its plumage, then its name.

But there’s a picture puzzles me −
A smart black bird beside the sea
Whose name below is spelt as Chough. 
But couldn’t that be rhymed with cough
Or even, if I think it through ,
Could it be simply known as chu?

I choose to miss a rhyme with lough
The Irish lake − no bird’s a chough!
It may be that it needs a pickup :
Should it, perhaps, be rhymed with hiccough?
It seems unlikely! Maybe, though,
This red legged beauty’s called a cho?

Stop! Snakeskin-like, it’s time to slough
Such silly stuff .The writing’s rough!
Yes, That’s enough about the chough!

Chough red legs, red bill, against rey rock