George Simmers - The Voice of the Hooligan

Say we gets a little fraught as we meets foreign teams’ supporters,
Say some Polish geezer's beezer starts to bleed.
Then the snobs'll moan a chorus how we're scum and they abhor us,
–Yet it's us they turns to in their hour of need.

Take the coppers - they go tutting at the leastest bit of nutting;
They gets prissy about any sporty pranks.
Though it's us provides the reason for their pay-rise every season,
Do the wankers ever murmur "Many thanks"?

On telly that Sir Trevor he just rabbits on forever
When he’s bigging up some anti-crimewave ponce.
But what gets ratings for his news is films of really nasty bruises
–We're the ones as gives the public what it wants.

The politicos start whingeing when our birds enjoy their bingeing
And they spreads a bit of vomit round the town.
But their innocent enjoyment is what provides employment
For the blokes what comes to hose the pavement down.

Yet there's journalists down Wapping as are yelling "Bring back topping!"
For the very boys as keeps 'em in a job.
'Cause it's headbutts makes a headline, and they'd all be on the breadline
If it wasn't for the efforts of the yob.