Lighten Up Online 3: In This Issue

    Hundreds took part. Dozens reached the Finals. Seventeen made it on
    to the Polympic Podium of Lighten Up Online's September Issue where,
    in reverse alphabetical order for a change: 

    Helen Whittaker finds that X hits her spot      

    Leo Vincent fears being Trussed and stuffed
    Frances Thompson (aka Con Fresh Postman) gets creative with anagrams
    Paul Stevens’ relationship does more than just ruffle feathers
    George Simmers on the socio-economic importance of yobs      

    Colin Shaddick muses on pyjamas which might threaten international relations      

    Mae Scanlan regrets that not all heroes have been able to swim like Michael Phelps     

    DA Prince ages from Playschool to Songs of Praise      

    Rosemary Nice restrains herself in the interests of mother/child bonding      

    Julie Kane warns against those who write prose      

    Andy Jackson sorts through a day’s junk mail      

    Max Gutmann (not to be referred to as “Of the USA“) …
    Jo Field gets the bird      

    Karen Doherty is faced with the truth about baby talk      

    Mary Cresswell defends her considerable assets at Grasmere      

    Tony Cloke gets the gist, (just), of Wordsworth