Rosemary Nice - Insomnia

Why am I lying here
                         on my back wide awake ?
What is the problem?
                         it's quarter past four.

Is it the duvet then ?
                         Slightly damp, far too hot
Where has my pillow gone ?
                         Down on the floor.

What is the antidote ?
                         Churning brain, muddled thoughts
Can't seem to switch them off.
                         Only think more.

Do something sensible.
                         Read a book, write a note
Light worse than counting sheep.
                         All a big bore.

I shall regret this at
                        breakfast time eight o'clock,
Snooze in the Weetabix
                         gritty eyes sore.

Thing that exasperates
                        (everyone does the same)
I'll get to sleep at six.
                         Bloody Sod's Law.