George Simmers - On the Atheist Bus

Buses emblazoned with adverts declaring "there's probably no God" will soon be travelling through the streets of London after the prominent atheist Professor Richard Dawkins agreed to help pay for them. – Daily Telegraph

It’s big and it’s red, and on its side
Is a slogan of doubt that it wears with pride -
But who’s foolhardy enough to ride
Through town on the Atheist bus?

Oh where is it going, and what is its aim?
Does it have no sense of sin or shame?
Will it take us to torment and hellish flame?
Should we fear the Atheist bus?

Well, its furnishings are not divine,
But its fares are fair, and the journey’s fine
As it rattles along to the end of the line,
The cheerful Atheist bus.

The driver’s careful and may smile.
He does not preach that sex is vile,
And he isn’t a guilt-ridden paedophile -
So who’s for the atheist bus?

It’s not on the run from Satan’s fork,
And it doesn’t go in for miracle-talk,
(Will the mentally lame be able to walk
If they miss the Atheist bus?)

Forget about “Him”, and let’s hear it for us,
The humans en route for the terminus
Who are far better off without godly fuss,
On the positive Atheist bus.