Frances Corkey Thompson - Two New Bras

Two new bras, one black, one white;
fabric firm, elastic tight;
nothing floppy, nothing slack;
two new bras - one white, one black.

One for pale clothes, one for darks;
thank the Lord for Marks and Sparks.
Yes, I bought them in the sale;
one for dark clothes, one for pale.

One to wear and one to wash,
suitable for plain or posh,
situations foul or fair;
one to wash and one to wear.

I can face, with pride, the world,
knowing I am safely furled;
all securely tucked inside,
I can face the world with pride.

Doesn’t matter what I wear,
smart or cajh I do not care;
I have got the bras to flatter;
what I wear, it doesn’t matter.

Make the most of every asset;
flaunt each advantageous facet;
if you’ve got a bust, then boast;
of your assets make the most.

Throw away your ancient bras,
those you’ve had for yahs and yahs,
all a nasty shade of grey.
Throw your ancient bras away!

Two new bras, one white, one black;
nothing floppy, nothing slack;
fabric firm, elastic tight;
two new bras, one black, one white.