Mae Scanlan: A Brace of Mother Goose Interpretations

Some optic-challenged rodents ('twas a trio)
Made merry as they bounded 'round the farm.
They chased the plowman's wedded spouse con brio,
Until, gadzooks! she turned, and did them harm
By severing their caudal apparatus
With cutlery that made a swift incision.
The three are now mammalia non gratis,
Bereft of their behinds, as well as vision.


Warble a lay of pennies, and grains within a cart,
Full two dozen sable nestlings simmered in a tart.
When the pastry was impaled, the merles commenced to croon,
Which mystified the monarch (as he told the cook eftsoon).

He worried o'er his capital, his bank accounts in Europe.
His consort, in the drawing room, devoured some scones with syrup.
The wench was in the bower, just up from the cellar,
When downward swooped a wingéd fowl, who fragmentized her smeller.