D. A. Prince: Trolley Rage

Trolley Rage

I wonder why you've moved the stock again?
I thought you'd ask; you usually do.
I learn the layout logically, and then –
I know! All change! We're persecuting you.
Last week the cheese was . . . what was that you said?
We target you. We'll drive you quite insane.
So you've deliberately switched cat-food, bread . . .?
Spot on. Well done. A shopper with a brain!
But why? Familiar space, security -
How dull! I'm BA (Hons) in Retail Styles.
I bring my written, ordered list with me . . .
Too too predictable! We swop the aisles
But where are baked beans, tea, the budgie's seed . . .
seduced within our new, exciting grid
the everyday consumables we need?
That's why you've now bought palm hearts, pine nuts, squid.
 D. A. Prince