In This Issue

To be fair to the alphabetically disadvantaged we once again follow The Great Editor’s suggestion of allowing the last to be first and the first to be last.

So, in this issue  . . .

Leo Vincent laments Greengrocers’ apostrophe’s
Frances Thompson makes a sort of French omelette from a well-known broken egg
Carol A Taylor, it seems, may not yet have embraced change
Paul Stevens finds that his poetry no longer cuts it with the girls
George Simmers makes MPs’ expenses even more memorable
Mae Scanlan flies, eventually and unhappily
Lynn Roberts finds bitchiness at a Classical beauty contest
Alison Renshaw achieves unaccustomed boldness in anonymity
D.A. Prince falls, yet again, for the Supermarket’s favourite three card trick
Helena Nelson, though out of season, at least gives us the  time to become
word perfect by Christmas   
Gillian Ewing makes a brave confession for a literary buff
Pam Devonald is in the garden, but perhaps not for long
Joan Butler gets delightfully drunk on words
Brendan Beary decants some unfortunate messages from their bottles

ALSO Competition 5 offers a selection of surprising Dark Ladies, while our next Competition will, we hope, produce the sort of formal Royal Odes which Carol Ann Duffy has suggested that she will not be writing −even if she is paid her sherry in advance as she has requested.