Joan Butler: The Hedgehog Song

The Hedgehog Song

(We all know the tune – just sing along . . .)

A fat little hedgehog was standing one night
By the side of the M62;
The traffic flashed by him to left and to right
As he wondered what best he should do.
A life in the fast lane? A life in the hedge?
An answer began to emerge –
The problem resolving: “It’s time for evolving!”
He sang, as he leapt from the verge –

 “Cars – vans – buses and bikes –
Think of the damage I’ll do with my spikes!
For I’ll be a ROAD-hog! A bloody fine road-hog
Who carves ’em all up and who goes where he likes!

“Van – car – waggon and truck –
Out of my way or you’re pushing your luck!
For here comes the road-hog, piss-off-highway-code-hog,
The road-hog who breaks every rule in – oh, fuck!”

Joan Butler