Bob Newman: On A Great Election

It used to be a cause for jocularity,
That while the LibDems came so close to parity
When counting votes, there was a huge disparity
In terms of seats. They lacked the muscularity
In Parliament to breach the bipolarity
Of Labour and the Tories’ solidarity.

But then came Gordon Brown’s unpopularity,
His speeches lacking all vernacularity.
In this election we showed him no charity,
Contempt born out of our familiarity
With arguments of blatant circularity
Advanced with metronomic regularity.

The Tories showed a haunting similarity
Despite their claims of perpendicularity
To Labour’s line, which caused widespread hilarity.
Their anti-European insularity
Contrasted with the LibDems globularity.
Apart from that, they showed no singularity.

 Results this time showed a dissimilarity,
A psephological peculiarity.
From Labour lips and Tory comes vulgarity
For now we all can see with perfect clarity
Two-party politics was a barbarity;
At last we have achieved triangularity.