Susan Jarvis: Hilarity's Prophecy

If your brow bears a frown and your mouth's drooping down
Quell the gloom with a spoonful of laughter.
It tastes like a tickle with the kick of a pickle,
You'll guffaw in the face of disaster.

You'll forget life is bitter, you'll reel and you'll titter,
Engrossed in a dose of the snickers.
You'll giggle and jiggle, you'll hoot and you'll wiggle,
Unravelling twists in your knickers.

You'll chuckle and chortle, the merriest mortal
To cavort through life's torment and pain.
While others stand weeping, you'll watch their tears seeping,
As you bask in your laugh's sweet refrain.

Just don't get delirious when things verge on serious
And you're lending an ear to sad plight.
If you smirk or you beam it's considered obscene,
And a snigger could trigger a fight.

Excess can be hateful, could even prove fatal.
If you burst - even worse - you explode!
If you're unduly jolly it may lead to folly.
Best exist as a miserable toad.