Brendan Beary: Filling The Days

To ward off heartache, loneliness and sorrow,
I've found it quite a help to wrestle bears,
Take brisk walks up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro,
And double-check God's count of all my hairs;
I hike across the Channel, swim the Gobi,
Hold showings at the Prado and the Tate,
Then mop and wax the sidewalks of Nairobi,
And dust the Sphinx -- unless I'm running late.
I take some time to feed and walk my yeti
(And yeti chow, I'll tell you, isn't cheap);
Invent vaccines; hold global markets steady,
And then at night, ten minutes' well-earned sleep.
So there's my new routine: the things I do
Each day to fill this void the size of you.