The Editor was spared no chaos, disruption, shambles or Act of God in the preparation of this Issue. Those who appear in it do so by the skin of their teeth, having survived ordeal by email disaster, illness (not mine or, I hope, theirs), constantly tea-swilling builders (“If you have the time.), wall-to-wall summer visitors and too many days away for one who really enjoys being at home.

So, congratulations and welcome to the following hardy survivors ---

Rob Barratt, Joan Butler, Michael Cantor, Enriquetta Carrington, Maryann Corbett, Mary Cresswell, Pat D’Amico, Peter Goulding, Bill Holloway, Geoff Lander, Basil Ransome-Davies, Lynn Roberts, Mae Scanlan, Judi Sutherland, Leo Vincent and Helen Whittaker as well as to those whose names appear among the winners of Competition 10.

Topics covered this time include -- aerobics, relationships past and present, obese kids, antisocial alligators, having a landlord over a barrel, new-fangled typesetting, refusing Henry V111, England’s M25 Motorway, potted failures and a retiring professor. If a couple of these should challenge some peoples’ ideas of strict light verse, then “Hooray for that,” say I.