This twelfth Issue will see Lighten Up Online through to the end of its third year. But this is no time to contemplate the past, rushing, as we currently all are to scour Marks and Sparks for yet more socks for Uncle Fred or, in headless chicken mode, to ransack remote branches of Waitrose for the last remaining example of Heston Blumenthal’s Special Christmas Pudding -- (Believe me, you do not get the same effect by simply inserting a whole orange into an Asda one!)

But you are assured of a real delight if you stick your spoon into the rest of this Issue. So, prepare to : --

Rant with Maryann Corbett and prepare to chop up small furry animals with Basil Ransome-Davies:

Find Julie Kane with a bird in deep doo-doo and Peter Goulding with five fewer birds than he has his hands on at the top of his website:

Worry at Bill Holloway’s self-prescribing and for Alanna Blake as she is persuaded to lie back and think
of . . .

Share D A Prince’s sadness at the loss of old-style pubs and Tom Wright’s desire to be bought a drink in any sort of one:

Feel for the frustrations of Sue Millard’s handicapped cat and Robert Sanders’s ill-starred romance:

and enjoy the nuts, crackers and indoor fireworks supplied by a sparkling collection of other contributors before rounding off with Joan Butler’s acid view of a pantomime heroine and Leo Vincent’s jaundiced thoughts on Christmas 2010.