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Going for Broke

If you’ve grown far too old to be useful,
if your family all think you’re a bore,
say “Nuts” to the lot of them;
simply get shot of them.
That’s what world cruises are for.

So tear up your Will. Book a State-room.
Though the thought of a cruise may appal,
set sail for the best state
of dead and intestate
with assets of nothing at all.

You can’t spend your cash when you’ve snuffed it.
Your kids think they could. But so what?
Go sit in the Diner
of some plushy liner
and spend till you’ve got through the lot.

Then turn up your toes on the poopdeck
and embark on your last public spree.
Though you’ve run out of cash
you can still make a splash
if you get yourself buried at sea.

Leo Vincent