D.A. Prince: How I Spent The Long Hours From Midnight To Six

How I spent the Long Hours from Midnight to Six

I stretched 'neath the duvet, each earplug in place,
I counted some sheep, ne'er a smile on my face.
Police sirens wailed, their blue lights lit the room,
An ambulance screamed like a prophet of doom.
Outside there is chaos - but in here is calm;
(A guru has vouchsafed this works like a charm.)

I murmured more mantras, I unclenched each tooth,
I cleaned out my mind and expelled the uncouth;
With muscles unflexed and my limbs all untaxed
I glimpsed the nirvana of being relaxed.
I rushed to embrace it, and fell at the hurdle
Of self-less transcendence:  my wits start to curdle.

So back to the mantras, beginning again;
Teeth  (check); jaw and muscles (OK); now, the brain:
My limbs are a jelly, I've drained the mind's cup  -
But is it all worth it? - it's time to get up.

D.A. Prince