Brendan Beary: Myth Management

Myth Management

She was fresh out of business school when she was hired last spring;
She wasted no time getting busy and learning the ropes.
They'd really be lucky to have her, except for one thing:
The people she works for are, every last one of them, dopes.

She's aces at crunching the numbers and spotting the trends;
She sees that their profits will take a precipitous fall.
She points to poor strategies, saying what each one portends,
And for all of the good that it does, she could talk to the wall.

She recommends ways they can ward off the coming collapse,
Undoing weak plans that had sunk the firm deep in arrears;
The most they'll reply is, "We hear what you're saying, perhaps –
But still, don't you see, we've been doing it this way for years."

It's eating her up as she lays out the evidence why
Insolvency isn't a matter of 'if' but of 'when,'
While clueless executives only can say in reply,
"We're sorry, Cassandra dear; what were you saying again?"


Brendan Beary