Lighter Verse Is Not Only For Christmas

….. though it would be a good place to start!

Many of our contributors have published books/booklets of their work. Details of these can be found in our section “The Poets.”

At prices starting around £4 for a circa 32 page booklet they would make ideal stocking-fillers for people with literary-minded legs, as well as presents for all occasions. So, find out more and contact the authors direct. If contact proves difficult send your emails to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will do my best to forward them on.

Seek now and you will find the poetic equivalent of Christmas Pudding silver charms among the works of many of us including:--

John “Nine Books” Whitworth’s latest collection, Being the Bad Guy -- hear about the world’s first inflatable church , the camel bird , the problems of getting your kids out of the bathroom….. Marvel at the verbal gymnastics and metrical skill … and extend your own vocabulary.

Lynn Roberts -- Pandora’s Book, featuring Keats’s Ode to a Microwave, ... an early onset of Masefield’s Sea Fever ... et al.

Gail White -- The Accidental Cynic, published by Prospero's World Press of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. A collection which shows just what can be achieved within the genre. Wry, acute witty, intelligent ... and demonstrating magnificently that the best of lighter poetry is not as light as it may first seem.

Martin Parker (and Leo Vincent) -- Authors of three booklets details of which, plus examples of contents, are on   Read them on facelifts :-- “… though your cheeks are more smooth and your chins are less slack/ you are harder to kiss now your mouth’s round the back.” Or on WAGs' children :-- “Sleep, my little Pollyanna,/in your Dolce and Gabanna.” And on climate change :-- “You and July/have gone badly awry.”

And that is just a small indication of what is available from several of our contributors -- all books easy to post to friends and relations, more original than socks or bath gel and healthier (in most cases) than chocolates. So start your Christmas shopping here.