Jane Dards -- A Travel Hold-Up

In wild Wales we don’t have traffic jams
(except in those poor unsuspecting towns
in which a major supermarket chain
erupts a store and thus disrupts the flow);

although you’ll have to wait as ewes and lambs
are herded round your car, and hoots and frowns
will only make them jink and turn again
and so delay the time when you can go.

But though you may be stopped by stroppy rams,
or dawdle through the valley’s ups and downs
behind a tractor, it’s in such a lane
as this where you will wait at length, you know,

where passing friends lean on their window jambs,
cars stopped lest sound of idling engine drowns
the conversation. You should not complain.
Be patient. Leave the rat-race. Live life slow.

Jane Dards