Mae Scanlan -- Holding It All Together

Be it Claude's or Timothy's or Irma's,
Each of you has got an epidermis.
Doesn't matter if you're spare or stout,
It keeps your inner parts from spilling out.
Without an epidermis you would find
The kidneys, liver, others of that kind
All strewn about, in somewhat of a mess;
The epiderm eliminates that stress.

To ply you with the benefits you reap,
Your skin sheds cells; grows new ones as you sleep.
The epidermis says "They're done -- let's toss 'em."
I have to tell you, this is really awesome!

The thing to know about the epidermis
(And on this point I need to be quite firm) is
Please treat it with respect and bonhomie,
For it's the part of you that people see.
Don't burn it on the beach, or you will rue it,
Don't pierce it full of holes, and don't tattoo it.
You put your best foot forward, out and in;
I recommend you do the same with skin.

Mae Scanlan