Kathryn Gee -- Talking Civil Servant


(a noun's not a noun until it's been verbed)

Explicit and cryptic and multi-syllabic,
we have our own language of biblical weight.
To incentivise risk and address disadvantage
we push at new envelopes, scope new parameters,
measure the impact of social engagement
to target and monetise sector initiatives.

We work at the interface, maximise outcomes.
Transferring assets with claw back procedures,
we pipeline and upskill your disengaged learners.
To focus investment on key interventions
we run diagnostics and implement start ups,
embed transformation to strengthen communities.

We lower the word count with functional brevity,
(don't say its confusing, you know what we mean).
Alternative governance, options appraisal,
with programme compliant progressive efficiency
we mainstream your access to service delivery
until fiscal tightening, and then we top slice.

What more can you ask for? I don't understand
why people get fractious: it's only short hand.

Kathryn Gee