Mae Scanlan -- Here's to the "Pit" that covers me

It's little and it's hidden and one thinks of it as bland,
Of course you know I speak of the pituitary gland,
That teeny weeny organ that is somewhat like a pea,
Just sitting there beneath the brain controlling thee and me!

It's called the Master Gland, because it delegates authority,
And all the other body parts concede superiority.
It turns food into energy -- it regulates our growing,
Secreting hormones all the while. This gizmo is all-knowing!

Testosterone and oestrogen it rules without compunction,
And how much urine you produce? Well, that's within its function.
If you should find your race to be a source of irritation,
Just blame the "pit", for it's in charge of all skin pigmentation.

It manages just how we deal with all the stuff around us;
Its base of operations serves to utterly confound us.
We can't contribute Roman candles, or a big brass band,
But we can pause and ponder the pituitary gland.