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Polar darkness    forklift dozing
Ferry klaxon    leap to action
Wait like eager dog at quay side
Wheel wheel    back half circle    beep
Find steel girders    prong    and     lift
Up slope    wheel wheel    corner    beep
Red light forward    white light back
Crate with snow plough engine    prong
Wheel wheel    round a quadrant    down
Drop on gangway    wheel wheel    beep
Wheel wheel    back straight   wheel wheel beep
Prong a pallet    yellow paint
Drop in warehouse    back wheel    beep
Wheel wheel    frozen tyre tracks    brake
Curse a stupid tourist    BARP
Prong lift salt cod    shrink wrapped    down
Forward    wheel wheel    pillows    lift
Drop at slip way    backwards    beep
Forwards backwards    wheel wheel    beep

Ferry klaxon    gang way rising
Park at office    sign off papers.
Doze    doze    snow fall    darkness    sleep