Susan Jarvis : Desserted

He told me that he'd hold me then dessert me,
Enfold me in his fun, then up and run
To the kitchen, where he's fixin' to alert me
To the sweet, seductive secrets of the tongue...

The hedonistic melt of chocolate gateau,
Explosions of delight from lime sorbet,
Sublime lip-licking thrills from sherry trifle,
The merry spills of passion-fruit parfait...

The milky, silky slide of panna cotta,
The tarty tang of citrussy meringue,
The pleasing tease of cheesecake with ricotta -
I'll pass on the baklava, I'll go bang!

I'm glad I've found a man who will dessert me;
He fulfils my every sugar-coated dream,
For after his delicious kisses heat me
"Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!"
I scream ;)


Susan Jarvis