Alanna Blake : One Game Or Another

I picked him up in the Harbour Bar, a gorgeous hunk of a guy.
When you embark on a trade like mine, you can't afford to be shy.
I crossed my legs with a subtle sway and more than a flash of thigh,
He needed no more encouragement: my mini was riding high.

I told him my name was Geraldine, but Gerry to any friend,
A girl who is always available to a fellow who wants to spend.
He shoved a pony inside my bra, the one that helps me pretend,
And he tried so hard to touch me up that I touched him in the end.

I spiked his drink – well you know the score and I know my way around,
I snapped some pretty weird photographs while he was sleeping sound.
He attempted a bit of an argument when finally he came round
But I bared some muscles he didn't expect and I matched him pound for pound.

Yes I picked him up in the Harbour Bar, a gorgeous hunk of a guy;
If I didn't let on I was proud of the job, I'd be telling another lie
For I left him stripped of his pride and cash in an out-of-the-way lay-by
With the laugh on him, though it looked to me he was wishing a man could cry.

Alanna Blake