Issue 23 : In This Issue

Geoff Lander has had a hand in this quarter's effort (as Guest Editor), so blame him. This is why--  

We're moving house, we told the Pickfords man.
So next day when he came round with his van

he took away our house in just one load --
and left its contents standing by the road.

Martin Parker

We understand that things have improved regarding the move.  Martin can write a poem about the 'entertaining' adventure, no doubt. The removal man could have left the contents in the road, Martin. Who knows, the subject may yet turn up as competition.

Please hold the line for a sec,
M's tying a knot in the neck....

NOTE: Many, many thanks to Geoff for stepping into the breach when Martin's house move became even more complicated than most. Martin is finally unpacking his suitcase after weeks of couch-surfing, and should soon be feeling strong enough to tackle his email backlog now that he is back online after almost two months with no email access.

Sarah (LupO webmaster)