Di Slaney : Disgraceful

Feather boa, sequins, diamonds and lace,
nut brown bare arms and firm upright chassis -
so few wrinkles on that beaming face,
at 73, I want to be Shirley Bassey.

No bond can contain her, the dame is forever.
Feisty, fearless, well sussed and sassy -
she may be a spender, spendthrift never never;
at 73, I have to be Shirley Bassey.

Belting voice, smutty laugh, star spangled life,
diva supreme from a Tiger Bay lassie.
OK, not every man’s ideal wife,
but at 73, I must be Shirley Bassey.

Thigh slits, stilettos and festival wellies -
no wheelchair for me, I’ll stay wiggle my assy.
Tight fitting gowns will restrain all my bellies
and at 73, I will be Shirley Bassey.