Ed Shacklee : A Terrible Beauty

"A terrible beauty is born. . ." - Yeats

The doctor and all of the nurses
went in shock, then erupted in curses
as he held the odd babe up with scorn
when the Terrible Beauty was born.

Nine planets will wither, like plants,
all the canticles shrink into can’ts,
and the stars will be starlets of porn,
for a Terrible Beauty is born;

and the mirrors will empty, then splinter,
the breath of spring turn into winter
and cows will get into the corn.
When the Terrible Beauty was born,

the bang and the whimper threw dice –
no one knows if it’s fire or ice,
but the angel is lifting his horn:
a Terrible Beauty is born.

Now the dead have lurched out of their tombs
as room for doubt runs out of rooms,
and there’s no one alive we can warn
a Terrible Beauty is born;

and the Heart of the Dark is aflutter,
since the changes are stark, even utter,
but the death of the night is the morn.
A Terrible Beauty is born.