David J Kelly : Free Radical

I’ve tried to find an “other half”
to fill this less-than-brimming glass,
but Cupid’s failed in his vocation.
I’m simply seeking moderation;

they’re too kind, or too mean,
too dirty, too clean,
too moody, too broody,
too whiney, too foodie,
too warty, too haughty,
too waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over forty,

too sleight of hand, too slight of mind,
too bright, too dark, too ill-defined,
too fair-weather, too hard-core,
too Cathy on a wind-swept moor,

too Laura Ashley, too Lara Croft,
too One Flew Over the Pigeon Loft,
too Boudicca, too Joan of Arc,
too Vale of Mordor after dark,

too Rive Gauche, too savoir faire,
too Schadenfreude, too just don’t care,
too Amélie, too Betty Blue,
too Confucius, too Tao of Pooh,

too many exes, too many whys,
not enough arms, or legs or eyes,

too Hockey Mom,
too Stepford Wife,
too Pharaoh in another life,

too L. Ron Hubbard,
too Desiderata,
too have you seen my fresh stigmata?

Such low compatibility.
I wonder if the problem’s me?