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“I’m now eighty-eight, friend,” the old geezer said,
“And the way things are going, I’m better off dead.
The problem’s not me  -- I’m as strong as a bear,
And healthy in body and mind, should you care.
“The crux of the matter?  The powers that be;
They’ve made off with all that’s familiar to me.
This isn’t a joke – my dilemma is chronic;
The whole bloody planet has gone electronic!
“My mail, except adverts, has started to dwindle,
My bookstore has closed;  they’re advising a Kindle.
My newspaper’s gone; I can read it online;
I’ll do that when pigs are no longer called swine.
“To look at my grandkids, I need to get Skype.
With Facebook, and Twitter, and all of that tripe,
I’m a fish out of water, an old dog caught nappin’;
A pox on the bastards that let all this happen!”