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Guest Editor, Jerome Betts

Lighten Up Online for the pre and post Scottish independence referendum period pops its head over the parapet without a single reference to the possible cleaving of  Britannia from constitutional nave to chaps, its autumnal board innocent of salmond and sturgeon.

Instead, Mae Scanlan grapples with the grave issue of cold calling, Pat D’Amico, Lynn Roberts and Ed Shacklee observe dogs and birds, Ann Drysdale celebrates Spam (as does our cover's nostalgic illustration), D.A. Prince a classic typewriter, Susan de Sola a postman and Rob Barratt Neanderthal independence. They are supported by many of the usual suspects in LUPO’s asylum, bees in their bonnets like life, love, lurking threats and literature, not to mention three welcome newcomers, David GalefEmma Mascarenhas, and Michael Swan.