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Cover: Photo (c) J. G. Betts. The deceptive grin of the granite finials by the river Manzanares Madrid.

Lighten Up Online presents its eighth autumn collection, featuring defensive DIY, doctors, existential reflections, a fallen woman, fantastic occurrences, Halloween, holiday viewpoints, literary notes, numbers, Pluto, pram-racing, a Salopian idyll, side-effects, sign language, talking furniture, teeth, tests, towers and a Yogi.

In the interval, an international band of acrostic artistes, among them Bill Greenwell, Douglas G. Brown and Susan McLean, will display their skills for your entertainment.

New models gliding or stumping along the cat-walk include Barbara Lydecker Crane, Brooke Clark, Colin W. Campbell, Martin John, Matt Quinn, Patrick Biggs, Tristan Moss and Wendy Videlock.

 A warm welcome to them as well as all the old stagers who keep LUPO lit up!