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I loved those birds – remember them?
They woke us up at 5 a.m.

That funny gal from Pasadena . . .
She laughed just like a damn hyena.

And, man, did I enjoy the play.
I’ll take the Red Sox any day.

The sunset turned the lake so pink!
Too bad your phone fell in the drink.

That cheese soufflé! That lamb! That Pinot!
If only you had brought your Beano.

At least this B&B is cheap.
Ten bucks an hour, just to sleep.

Speaking of which: goodnight. I’m dead.
But, gorgeous, how about, instead . . .

Gorgeous? Me? You must be blind.
You’d make Pope Francis lose his mind.

Ooh, tiger . . .  You’re so positive  . . .
It’s like they say: you gotta live!

Author's note:

Though Beano in Great Britain calls to mind the comic arts,
Across the pond it's just a pill that's used to stifle . . .  awkward moments after meals.