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(The Donner Party was a group of American
pioneer emigrants who spent the winter of
I846-47 snowbound in the Sierra Nevadas.
Some of them resorted to cannibalism to survive.)

I wandered lonely through the snow,
A member of the Donner Party;
And as I stumbled to and fro,
My appetite was growing hearty.

I thought, as starving as I am,
I long for something really juicy;
A nibble on a leg of Sam,
An arm of Ralph, or rump of Lucy.

So, thus it was that I survived
By gnawing on my frozen fellows,
Until at last the spring arrived
And I was hollow as a bellows.

That all was back in time awhile,
Now groceries are coming steady;
But if they should go out of style,
I'd love to sink my teeth in Betty.