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Pat D’Amico: The Class Reunion

Father Time has not been kind
To the high school hunk for whom I pined.
For just his nod, I prayed deliriously.
I’m glad that God didn’t take me seriously

Robert West:  A New, Smaller Office

Don’t think for a second he’s lost in despair,
but he is at a loss as to what will go where.
The bookshelves are full, books are stacked on the floor,
and let’s face it: they breed. There are going to be more.

Peggy Verrall: A Thought On Time

Time is an illusion
Douglas Adams and science agree.
But I find, to my confusion,
Ageing still happens to me


Michael Swan: Watching My Life:

I poured myself a drink
turned out the lights
and settled down
to watch my life
right the way through.

I couldn't even make sense
of the bloody subtitles.

L.A. Mereoie: Nuts In March

Here comes the month the hare goes off its head
As hair off men, to mark where Time is leading.
In fact, the whole year round the lesson's read
Regarding hares all rapidly receding.